Water Care

HotSpring Hot Tub Chemicals.

Our Watercare product range offers everything, from Chemicals to Filter Cleaners, to help you maintain clean water and a healthy Hot Tub.


HotSpring Hot Tub Accessories.

Our Hot Tub Accessories range offers unique products, from Robes & Towels to Hot Tub steps & cover lifters, to enhance your Hot Tub experience.


HotSpring Ace Care Products.

The ACE® system contains a special diamond electrode that automatically creates five different powerful and effective cleaners for your hot tub from just a small amount of salt and your spa’s water.

Hot Tub Covers

HotSpring Hot Tub Covers.

A must for any Hot Tub owner, our range of Hot Tub Covers caters for HotSpring Highlife, Hotspring Limelight and Hot Spot collections.

Care4HotTubs – brought to you by HotSpring World Hot Tubs.

Owned by Watkins Manufacturing the largest manufacturer and supplier of Hot Tubs worldwide and the brains behind the innovation that goes into making your hot tub experience truly the world’s best.

This site will provide you with all the Hot Tub Water Care products and Accessories you could need to keep your hot tub healthy in every aspect. Take your time and unwind…

“The very best Hot Tub ownership experience in the world today.”

There really is no better way to invest in your wellbeing and health than by owning one of HotSpring’s Hot Tubs made by the people that you really can trust and the name behind the largest Hot Tubs brand in the world today.

Association of Pool and Spa Professionals Quality Assured Certified USA Bishta - Safe Hot Tub Standards
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